Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

It was the first time I took Easter photos myself.  The original plan was for Ryan and I to be in the photos, and to use a tripod and remote control for the camera, but hubby is camera shy.  I was relieved because so am I.  Our town has some pretty cool spots, lots of old brick and wood buildings.  The trees here still are bare, so we opted for wall backgrounds in our small town. I'd been scoping out walls for weeks. I didn't get to make the girls dresses this year, but I did manage to make the boys' bowties.  We did a few "shoots" throughout the day...
DSC_0053LP 5x7 enhance only

DSC_0062LP 5x7 enhanced only

DSC_0058LP 5x7 enhanced low warmth


DSC_0028L 5x7

DSC_0048P 5x7

DSC_0079LP 4x6


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