Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tiny Tiny

Kahea turned one month old this week.  He has been a dream come true.  Since Ryan and I now feel we are "done" having children, I am soaking up every newborn minute I can.  In the past, I was always working when I had my three previous babies, so this is a treat.  Sometimes when nursing, I hafta remind myself to put away the laptop or turn off the TV and just enjoy him (force of habit, I guess).

Kahea 1 month old

Kahea 1 month old

Little sleep around here...and less sewing, as you can imagine. But I have been able to get my sewing fix on little projects.  Baby Kahea spits up more than previous babies we've had so I've been trying to find time to make some bibs.  This one out of old T-shirts and already-made cotton binding took about 30 minutes to make...collectively (meaning I didn't sit down for 30 minutes and do it all at once, no, everything is done in 5 minute increments!).
Binded Bib from a T-shirt
I made this block from scraps of a quilt I started 2 years ago--it's been cut and now needs to be pieced.  The fabric is from a FQ bundle I got for my birthday right after Kalei was born.  It's David Textiles' Bohemian from WalMart.

Spontaneous Block

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  1. oh my goodness, he's adorable! that second picture is pretty funny :D

    i miss you guys.


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