Monday, August 23, 2010

I Do

A whirlwind of a weekend and I managed to find some time last night to make my friend, Moana, a couple of garter belts last night and whisk them off to the post today for her wedding in Hawaii this Friday.  She told me a couple of days ago that she had meant to ask me a while back to make her garters for her receptions, but felt it wasn't enough time...c'mon, I told her, after all, she was there during my wedding emergency.

I used satin (one-sided) ribbon from WalMart and some glass beads, never made these before, which was why they were so fun while I watched Martha reruns.  I haven't stayed up past midnight sewing/crafting in a while till last night and thought I'd be p.o.'d all day today, but it felt really good having accomplished something new on a timeclock.  A tutorial is to come when I have a few hours to kill.


  1. these are too cute Nance! i wish i had had you to make my garters. I never wore one! :(

  2. these are so cute nancey. you are such a special friend. p.s. sorry i didn't get to meet up with you while i was in utah. i had all these grand plans about meeting up with friends while there, but only saw ones that came to visit me. i guess i kinda forgot to add to the equation that i would have 3 young children with me, and that in itself can be a little unpredictable.
    miss you tons.


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