Monday, June 14, 2010

How Was the Boutique?

I've been asked that over the past couple of weeks by friends who knew I was hibernating to get stuff sewn for the Eagle Mtn. Baby Contest Boutique.  My answer:  "Hmmm, coulda been better."  My feeling as I answer:  'It sucked.'  I did not sell one thing, nope, nada.  A lot of my fellow vendors didn't either.  There was a pretty good amount of traffic, but this was the first year they did a boutique at the contest, so maybe peeps weren't prepared w/cash.  I did enjoy making all the stuff I made, and I met and made a couple of vendor buddies.  So, what did I do with all my merchandise? Guess what's in the shop? : )


  1. No way! That's insane! I think you're right about it being at the wrong location, though. Had you been at the tents at the carnival (when people had cash) you would've sold out!

    It all looks really really cute, Nancy!

  2. Thanks, Lara, all I was thinking while I sat for 4 hours was that I was glad you weren't dragged into it!


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