Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In the interim of winter and spring. I miss my mom. Getting into Dancing With the Stars for the first time. I like watching spring peek its head in and out, but it's still from a window.  Not sure what to do with myself.

One day of sunshine last week, after running errands with the kids, I decided to relax next to a window and soak in some sun. I made this shirt last year, it's Simplicity 4077 again, this time with a regular collar (still not the best, but I tried).


  1. You are gorgeous! And, so talented! I love the shirt.

  2. i LOVE the shirt in that fabric. of course i loved the original you made too. i have used this pattern so often but i'm ready to bust it out again now that spring is here.


  3. i miss your sweet little ones and of course, hanging out with you all.

    shirt is way cute.

    i have the fabric for car seat cover... it's most excellent... from Walmart.


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