Friday, February 13, 2009


I was inspired today by a woman who made 100 dresses for her namesake toddler granddaughter--all from remnant and recon'd fabrics:
I was impressed because:
  1. The dresses are gorgeous and unique...and handmade
  2. A grandma made them
  3. She made 100 of them
  4. The dresses were sold for auction and the money was donated

Read more about it here and here and here.

I can't rationally see myself making 100 dresses for any of my own children (or could I? hee hee), so I'd like to do this for one/some of my future grandchildren...hopefully my sewing machine will live that long.


  1. That is awesome. Think about this your goal could be a 100, as you make them let your kids, grand kids, ect. wear them. But get them back after they have worn them. Then you can add them to the collection. Can you imagine what memories and stories you would have?? Imagine laying them all out and reminishing about who wore what were and what happend when they were wearing the dress. That would be cool!!

  2. Amazing! Who has this kind of energy? My ADD would kick in 3/4 of the way thru the first one and maybe I would buy the remaining 99 . . .


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